Digital Marketing

KP Web Solutions is your full service digital marketing agency, with experience of working across industries, helping companies grow online with new leads, customers and repeat orders. Headquartered in Chandigarh, India, we work with our clients to understand their business challenges, before launching a proven digital marketing process that is geared towards their business needs.

No Matter The Challenges – dwindling organic traffic, no or low quality leads or an unimpressive digital image – we can solve it for you. Unlike so many other agencies that believe in costly retainers, and tie-ins only to make profit, we understand our clients, and work to build long-standing relationships with them, by delivering high quality work that stands or exceeds their expectations.


Get more leads, sales and customers

Marketing today has been changed, more so in the past few years with the rapid advancements of technologies – especially after the advent of the Internet that hugely impacts people’s purchasing decisions. Before buying a product, they are more likely to conduct online research. Before trusting a service provider, online reviews are looked at as trusted image sourcing content. A company that enjoys a convincing online image is more likely to be the first preference for customers than a company that lacks it.

Now, as a business how will you capitalize on this opportunity to convert passive audiences into active paying clients? The answer is simple. By establishing a powerful digital marketing strategy. KP Web Solutions has a team of highly skilled digital marketers, we use industry’s leading tools and resources, and we have a proven process that will address your evolving business challenges and suitably provide you the best results.

Benefits of website development


With custom web development, the programming will only have the codes to load the resources pertinent to your website. 

Adapted web design

Although the company may already have its values and image established, communicating them effectively to its clients is the best way to give the brand a solid identity. 

Higher sales conversion

Websites that run smoother experience higher sales conversion. A professional web design company can help you transform visits into subscribers, customers and sales.

More security and reliable control

When web pages are developed with custom codes, it offers greater security against attacks as it reduces vulnerabilities.

Better performance

Another great advantage of web development is its long-term performance. It doesn’t consume unnecessary resources, thus guaranteeing a perfect functioning of the website over time.



Diversify your digital marketing spends by investing in both organic and paid campaigns. Adoshot has expert PPC professionals, and state of the art tools and technologies and a proven process to help you drive more targeted traffic.


The next big thing in SEO, Local seo will help your business get found by native customers in the most appropriate way, increasing the opportunities of making more domestic sales and making more long-standing and nearby happy customers.


Lift your site’s position in search engine results pages. We will conduct competitive research, identify profitable keyword opportunity, prepare a realistic strategy to improve your site’s organic traffic count, volume of natural visitors and make more rooms for closing sales and grow online


Email marketing is one of the most powerful marketing techniques that have a higher conversion rate. We can help you target the right customers using email campaigns that work. From writing catchy emails to increasing open rates and finally turning those people to your site for making a purchase, we can help.


Without a good reputation, you won’t go far, let alone making new customers and retaining old ones. Adoshot has a team of professional reputation management experts who will work closely with you in finding the right platforms where being present may increase your chances of making a solid digital identity.