Will technology turn on us? The idea of technology becoming the enemy of humankind exists only in science fiction. In reality, technology is nothing if not our ally. The eCommerce boom proved so lucrative that many brick-and-mortar establishments turned to using internet and mobile assistance to drive their sales. And it worked, beautifully. It worked so well that establishments outside of the retail sector began using digital elements to help increase their revenue.

Why Restaurants Need a Website?

A presence on the Web gives your business great ‘online visibility’, which in turn enables customers to find you. A website allows you to share your menu, showcase your specialties and services, as well what sets your food and eatery apart from the rest.
Did you know that 89% of Internet users research restaurants online and 62% of diners’ research online before eating out? This means, you as restaurant owners, needs a website, and a functional one. You want to project the right image to get people to walk through the door, and your location played a big part in achieving that.

Features of restaurant website :-

  • Restaurant Website Summary
  • Contact information
  • High Quality Images of your restaurant’s interior & your food
  • Online Menu Item & Pricing
  • Event calendar
  • Links to your social media profiles and review sites
  • Analytics
  • Responsive layout