We are pleased to have this opportunity to present our proposal for creating the Multi Vendor eCommerce Solution. We are representing a team of incredibly creative and experienced professionals who provide cost effective web solutions. The following proposal will contain our understanding and scope of the project with the proposed solution.


  • Modern and clean interface
  • Improved experience for store owners
  • Geo-location Support
  • Add/Manage Products
  • Product Types
  • Product Variables
  • Simplified Coupon System
  • Discount Coupons and codes
  • Product Reviews
  • Reporting
  • Dashboard
  • Analyze Products and Orders
  • Promotions and Discounts
  • Product Visualization
  • Product Reviews
  • Product Search and Filtering
  • Payment Processing
  • Automatic Taxes
  • Shipping Options
  • Shipping Calculations
  • Shipping Prices
  • Checkout Process
  • Cart Calculator
  • Customer Address
  • Inventory Management
  • Default Currency
  • Invoice to Customer’s Email
  • Search Engine Optimization

Order Management

Vendors can manage their orders on the front end including marking the orders shipped, adding order notes and even printing out shipping labels and picking lists.

Store Locator

  1. Manage an unlimited numbers of stores.
  2. Provide extra details for stores like the phone, fax, email, URL, description and opening hours.
  3. There are filters available that allow you add custom meta data.
  4. Choose from nine retina ready marker icons.
  5. Show the driving distances in either km or miles.
  6. Short codes that enable you to add individual opening hours, addresses or just a map with a single marker to any page.
  7. You can drag the marker in the editor to the exact location on the map.
  8. Show the search results either underneath the map, or next to it.
  9. Show Google Maps in different languages, this also influences the language for the driving directions.
  10. Show the driving directions to the stores.
  11. Customize the max results and search radius values that users can select.
  12. Users can filter the returned results by radius, max results or category.
  13. Customize map settings like the terrain type, location of the map controls and the default zoom level.
  14. Use the Geo location API to find the current location of the user and show nearby stores.

Vendors Shop

Vendors can list various product types including all built in types from both the front end and the back end and also they can sell bookable products / Services.


It provides the ability for you  to set commission rates at a global, vendor or product level.

Cost Calculator


Rs. 6400





This is estimated price. Price can be negotiated as per requirements.

Estimated Cost