website itself can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow. Brand websites limit hotel’s online presence due to their own standards and regulations. This is why every hotel needs its own website. With an independent website, the hotel has complete control over the content.

Features of Hotel website :-

1. Easily Accessible & Responsive Design

Whether they’re on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, today’s travelers are hopping from one screen to the next to find hotels online. This is why it’s imperative for hotels to have a website that’s designed to work across devices and provide a great experience for desktop, tablet, and smartphone visitors.

2. Photos and Videos Dedicated Page

Sure, you have photos and videos throughout the whole site, but travelers want to see them all in one place and be able to self-direct what photos they look at. Each photo should have a description that describes the photo and features the unique selling points of the resort. Consider having multiple photo album pages that focus on different interests, rooms, activities, weddings, meetings, amenities, etc. 

3. Itineraries, Events or Activities by Season

Are you off the beaten path? Are there special activities by season that you can highlight? Are your guests looking for scenic beauty, adventure or romance? Think about each of your customer types: families, millennial’s, young couples, girls getaways and show them all that your resort and region have to offer just for them.

4. Online Booking

You have great prices, a beautiful hotel, and all your guests have written fantastic reviews about their experiences.  Now, you need to make sure that potential guests have a simple, user-friendly way to book a room online.

5. Contact & Location

Make sure you give the good overview of your business’s location. Phone numbers with country code, maps integrated to website. Often asked us why? When i’m in foreign city and trying to find the hotel, i’ll go with my smartphone to its web page, open the integrated google maps, and it will open my phone’s map application automatically, giving me correct directions to the destination.